My CSA (community supported agriculture) box is bursting with celery these days!  Which means my fridge is too.  I try to consume all our vegetables from our CSA box before we receive our next one, but it’s tough at times when you’re receiving so much of the same thing.  Our box comes weekly so consuming … read more


  I’ve always had the impression that a slower cooker could never produce a delicious braised chicken the way a stove top, oven and a heavy Le Creuset braising pot could.  A good braised dish is about creating layers of flavour with aromatic and earthy vegetables, but most importantly starting off by browning your protein … read more


Are you running out of ideas yet on how to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers?  If you’re anything like me, you’ve made your turkey stock and your soups (not to mention ate plenty of turkey dinners this past weekend).  By Saturday morning I was determined to eat something other than another turkey dinner for breakfast. … read more


Autumn is in the air!  Well sort of anyways here in San Diego.  With my fall home decor starting to creep out, I’ve begun to crave soups and braised dishes.  I’ve just returned from Canada where there is a definite chill in the air.  Makes me crave a good soup even more!  Since I was … read more

My name is Erin Bronner and I love to cook. Fresh, organic and local, using fair trade ingredients whenever possible are my guiding principles when cooking in my kitchen. I love to take wholesome ordinary foods and make them extraordinary using basic but effective cooking techniques.
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